I’ve Got a Stat For You: My Life With Autism

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At the age of four, Andrew Edwards was diagnosed with autism. “Go home and watch Rain Man,” the specialist told his mother. “In all probability your son will be institutionalised.” Determined to prove the specialist wrong, Andrew’s mother set out to give her son the best life possible.


I’ve got a Stat for You is an honest and compelling account of one young man’s journey to manage his autism and achieve his goals. Raised in a single parent household and encountering bureaucracy, bullying, and a lack of understanding from many around him, Andrew emerged from a turbulent childhood to win a Welsh National Young Volunteer Award, give speeches on his condition, and secure his dream job as a statistician at Manchester United Television.


From Wrexham to Buckingham Palace, and incorporating stories of The Simpsons, sport, music, and strange smells – I’ve got a Stat for You is a powerful and inspirational tale that shows how determination, a positive outlook, and the will to succeed can overcome all odds!





“Despite the obvious difficulties Andrew has encountered thankfully it sounds like the specialist’s prognosis was very wide of the mark.” Michael Atherton OBE, Multi Award Winning Broadcaster and Writer. England Cricket Captain (1993-98, 2001)


“Fascinating” John Humphrys, BBC Radio Four Today Programme


“Self aware and very funny” Stewart Lee, Critically Acclaimed & Award Winning Comedian, Writer and Broadcaster


“If you have a friend or relative with autism then this this really is a must read.” Hayley McQueen, Sky Sports


“Fascinating book. A real insight for those who are a little unsure what autism actually means and how it can impact your life and those around you.”
Will Greenwood MBE, Rugby Union World Cup Winner, Sky Sports Summariser and 3x British & Irish Lion Tourist


“Andrew’s family hasn’t had an easy life but they do work well as a team.” Daily Express


“A rare feat” Dan Walker, BBC


“Really interesting to read.” The Radcliffe and Maconie Show, BBC 6 Music


“Andrew’s Mum is a real hero for her incredible tenacity. I recommend this book as it is interesting and that’s why it is my “Book of the Day.”
Robin Ince, Comedian, Broadcaster, Writer upon naming “I’ve Got a Stat for You-My Life with Autism” his “Book of the Day” on Twitter on October 19th 2019.


“Andrew’s ability to fight against the odds is an inspiration to many others.” BBC Wales Today


“Excellent insight into a very self-aware young Man with autism.” Book Nook


“After reading his story, I have a better understanding of how our son connects things or people to certain events.” Beauty Brite Blog


“This book is more than just autism. It is a families struggle to be heard in a world full of red tape.” Savette.com


“This book shows how Andrew has shone through.” Talk Radio Europe


“It is an interesting read and it makes one feel like you actually know the author and are part of his life.” Autismnow.com


“This book is a true testament to determination and if you work hard and believe in yourself with the help of your family, you CAN do it.” Kellysthoughtsonthings.com Blog


“Absolutely a “must read” for anyone who lives or works with an autistic person- or for anyone interested not just in autism, but in the complexities of human communicaton.” Michellesblog.co.uk



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